Black style: Burberry Spring/Summer 2011 campaign

In campaign, couture, culture, designer, Fashion, Fashion Heat, Global Musing, Good Look on February 3, 2011 at 6:35 am

Images via Getty and Fashionologie

You’ve got to indulge in all of this shit. Excuse the profanities, but I’m having a moment. In this case, I’m bubbling with a ridiculous amount of excitement and I’m saying – in true Liza Minnelli mode – “Damn right!” This is the first time, in a long that, that I’ve seen a mainstream fashion brand showcase two black models in their campaign. And no, there’s no political correctness in this one. Sorry.

image via Fashion Gone Rogue

I scrutinize the fashion shows, and I’ve been shut down by so many editors when pitching “black style,” or, anything to do with people of colour in the industry. This is a very small revolution. No, let me take that back. In a world saturated by euro-centricity, for the purpose of sales and customer appeal, this is… iconoclastic. Burberry, you go.

Image via Fashion Gone Rogue

So, I invite you do revel in it all. Let’s give Jourdan Dunn and Sacha M’Baye their moment.

Play all the clips simultaneously, and see the impact of the final product.

You ready, let’s go.

Shout out to Burberry on providing the videos.

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