Vogue Australia: The saga continues

In Fashion, Fashion Heat, Op Ed. on February 2, 2011 at 3:18 am

Images via Fashion Gone Rouge

And so it goes. I’ve been titillated with spreads from March edition of Vogue Australia. And yet, there’s still no world on it back on the block in Toronto. I know, why don’t I just get an ipad subscription? It’s environmental friendly, will save me from the ever growing pile of mags in my space. Blah, blah, blah. On top of that, I spend virtually all my time online anyway. But, despite being on the net 16 hours a day (literally). I’ve realized something: When I go into a bookstore, or mag distro place, that’s my time to hold something tangible in my hand. Like seeing my writing in print, it’s a comfort that this online world can’t give me. It’s totally ironic, but, maybe it’s comparable to people who smoke, or take up all types of other unhealthy habits.

Late at night, and early in the morning, I always take time to read my magazines. I’m laying in my bed, with the bedside light on, I have no computer in my room. No TV. Not even a listening device. It’s me, and my magazine. It’s my time to soak up this information. And in turn, it translates into the ideas that I bring to this blog, or whatever else that’s commissioned to me. And it’s something that can’t be taken away.

I’m gonna hold on to it. And, I’m gonna keep looking for that March edition of Vogue Australia – in print. That’s it.

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