Trend report: Suited colour

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I own one suit, seven blazers. All of them black. But funny enough, my wardrobe bursts with elements of pinks, yellows, greens, blues. And I don’t restrict colour to seasons: if it feels right, it goes on. But when it comes to my black outerwear, it’s hard to put into context – I suppose I revel in the safety of a black blazer, simple enough. But the Spring/Summer 2010-11 menswear collections pointed out more than the colour blocking and multi-coloured print trends taking hold of fashion. There’s an interest in solid, bright-coloured suits.

Vanessa Bruno Crepe structured-shoulder jacket, $670 via Net-A-Porter

Vanessa Bruno Tapered crepe pants, $425 via Net-A-Porter

This certainly has nothing to do with the excess of the`80s. And while it may lean toward `90s kitsch – and I mean slightly – it’s a lot more fresh, modern. That’s it. Very Jil Sander (which is why Raf Simons for Jil Sander ruled the colour trend this season). A strong reference to contemporary art and modern design. Minimalism with with an edge, so to speak. We have had our time to dwell in a vomit-inducing rainbow hipsterism, and now it’s on to something still daring, but a lot more clean. Colour this season is like a visit to always interestingDesign Miami. Or strolling into the The Standard Spa Miami Beach Store collaboration with OHWOW.

OHWOW x The Standard Spa Miami Beach Store via Highsnobiety

Do you see what I mean: colour is now a lifestyle. And that plays a lot to do with how we actually wear it. Think about it. With such a whimsical landscape, do we really need another black suit?

Current/Elliott Academy cotton twill blazer, $290 via Net-A-Porter

Current/Elliott sharp trouser cotton twill pants, $180 via Net-A-Porter

But this is wear I contradict myself. Because I question whether I’d actually indulge. I mean, I once owned a white suit – that was years ago. But it does raises an interesting discussion. The main concern one would have is whether the suit would be worn again once the momentum wears off. I might feel comfortable rockin’ it out as the trend proliferates, but my bold choice may end up a lone ranger once the craze dies out. I always go back to black. But you know, considering all that I’ve just said about colour now, you never know. Do you…

Well, I’m off!


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