Gentlemen, I’m gonna teach you how to…

In Fashion on February 2, 2011 at 5:39 am

Image via Swagger 360

I shouldn’t have to. But it doesn’t come easy to a lot of you, does it…

Agathe Snow x MYKITA Cyrus “All Access World” Sunglasses via Cool Hunting

So I’ve started adding a bit more menswear to my to my blog. However, despite the fact that people seem to like when I talk about it, I must be honest, I’m not doing it for men. OK, maybe just a little. Most men I know, though, seem to like my laid back look. More so than when I wear heels. That said, while I wouldn’t call my curvaceous body, or my overall look – when I get down like that – androgynous, I do like wearing men’s clothes. Put it this way: when I was a youth-ling, I wore my dad’s clothes. Down to his, and don’t be offended, drawers.

Vans x Ando & Friends E-Street Surf Sider via Hypebeast

And that translates into the type of men I’m attracted to (which my friends always seem to equate with being gay). I’ve stressed my endless devotion to Kanye West and Kid Cudi, just a few of the ultra stylish men to come out of music realm.

Image via Joe is the New Black

But in the real world, I think the difference between stylish, high-maintenance and just plain tacky is lost in translation. While the dapper phenom is re-emerging in men’s fashion, it is still but a small handful who get it. And the fact that their jeans are fitted – close to that of their female counterparts – doesn’t have anything to do with blurring the lines between men and women’s fashion – in my opinion – than it does with confidence.

Grenson for Tenue de Nîmes Denim Blue Boots via Selectism

When women say they wouldn’t date someone more stylish than them, I’m kind of like “whatever.” I say “That’s one less guy I have to upgrade.” I like style. And I’d rather be seen with someone who is a reflection of me. But that could be my dark twisted fantasy. And no, I’m not saying it’s okay to sport red skinny jeans – or any skinny jeans, period. That’s not in my books.

Nike Dunk Hi “French Football Federation (FFF)” Collection via Highsnobiety

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