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“Style is something inter-growth. it’s something that’s you. It’s part of your psyche. You have to study yourself, learn who you are; that requires a lot of work which a lot of people don’t want to do. But if you don’t do that, you can copy somebody else’s style but it won’t be yours.”
– Iris Apfel

And a big bleeping shout out to Advanced Style for providing the video.

I came upon Iris Apfel while reading an article called Garb Fest in T magazine by the lovely fashion reporter Lynn Yaeger. The latter was organizing a tea party with some of the most revered fashion savants in New York. Just reading the colour descriptions of clothing by Suzanne Golden, Patricia Fox, Tziporah Salamon said reporter and Iris Apfel was foreign to me. I think that’s because this story showed me the depth behind a person’s whimsical world of style. They were a mis-match of Bottega Veneta and Comme des Garçon with tweaks of vintage resulting in a collage of quirky, colourful outfits. One like me, could only admire. But I was happy to walk away with an important piece of me after reading the article. It is one thing to try to make a statement – something we’re all caught up in these days – but to own your statement, and be able to connect each item of clothing to a piece of personal history – now that’s the real spice to life.

I am, and I’ll be the first to admit it, afraid of getting old. Maybe it’s because my personal sense of style is connected to my culture, which is hip-hop. I grew up on the latest Nike hi-tops, multi-coloured track suits and up-to-date hairstyles. As I’ve grown old-er, though I have experimented with fashion, I’ve always found comfort in “street” style. Don’t get me wrong, I can be a bit of chameleon, when I have to, but jeans, sneakers, gold chains, those are my staple. And I have been one of the few who can own that style culture and not feel, or look, like trying too hard. But as I get older, will it still suit? This is exactly the point Ms. Apfel makes finding and understanding your style “requires some hard work which a lot of people don’t wanna do.” While I don’t question my style sense as much now, when it comes to the future, well, I suppose those are questions not worth pondering at the moment. Because if this style is really you, it will grow with you.

A couple of months ago, I was talking with a friend of mine who said that he used to send his mother – a woman in her `70s – the latest Nike sneakers. He wasn’t doing it to make a statement; he simply had a discount and would send them to her. which was funny because he, a man of 32, said that he didn’t wear his sneakers anymore because he had grown out of streetwear. He to me, didn’t really stand out style wise, yet it was funny because he commented on the fact that I would wear the latest sneakers, and that I had style. So, looking back, I see this was a young lad who didn’t own his. But it’s crystal clear to me, that I own mine.

A Bathing Ape 1st Camo Apesta via Hypebeast

  1. I love her,

    Ill never get enough!

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