Good Look: Acne Pre-Fall 2011

In Fashion on February 1, 2011 at 4:02 am

Do me a favour: Listen to this song while looking at the campaign. It adds to the effect. Music: You Be Killin ‘Em by Fabolous. Trust me.

Now press play:




You wassup girl. Ain’t gotta ask it

I get ’em all now. Hop outta caskets

They should arrest you. Or whoever dress you

Ain’t tryna stress you. But I’mma let you know girl you be killin ’em

She worth every cent. She look like the best money I ever spent.

Just watchin my cutie pie gettin beautified. Make me want better jewels, a newer ride.

Her feet are killing her, I call it shoe-icide!

Images via

Shout out to Acne for being one of the hottest brands to have existed. It’s no wonder why Acne is one of my favourite brands. And it’s no wonder why I’m down for Jonny Johansson. Congrats Tali, you did well.

Shout out to Latest Video Lyrics for, well, the lyrics.

And finally, shout out to TheLyricsMen on providing the beats. Note: If you are not into hip-hop, do not click. Thank you!

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