Musing: Volta footwear

In designer, Fashion, Fashion Heat on January 31, 2011 at 4:56 pm

There was a time when I would walk Toronto’s city streets in nothing but heels. It was, if I must admit, completely ridiculous. Then, I moved to London, and found my comfort, and my true self in my elaborate sneaker collection. Needless to say, I was never the same. Mind you, I still indulge in the occasional heel, but with the city as my muse, I thrive on practicality. Our winters are not as harsh as they once were, but the winds can be harsh. And because I spend so much time walking, my shoes don’t tend to last. But even so, as long as I can look crisp in the midst of my street look, I feel alright.

Thanks to my boys at Highsnobiety, I was introduced to the Italian footwear brand, Vola. Taking inspirations from “classic” footwear, they seem to be known as the dudes who provide classic, durable footwear. These are men’s shoes, but I am impressed.

Things are pretty fresh for this burgeoning footwear line, but I look forward to hearing the name a lot more, and pretty soon.

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