Get the look: Swagged out

In Fashion on January 31, 2011 at 7:57 pm

Right. So, love. Isn’t it a wonderful thing? It’s just as exhilarating as the feeling you get on the dip of a roller-coaster. The thought of eating makes you want to vomit (I’m sorry if I sound crass, but that’s because I’m a hardcore Mark Kermode fan), This is how I feel about certain brands. Marc Jacobs being one. His line, particularly Marc By Marc Jacobs, is the one brand that actually gives me what I need. Because when it comes to things like bags, I really cannot be bothered. I’m not crazy when it comes to them. But when I find one, those cheesy butterflies pepper my brain. Shoes on the other hand, now that’s a different stories.

As I stress, time and time again, it’s about sneakers for me. They are up there with my love for fashion magazines. And you know, I feel the same way about coats. Yes, that puffed up outerwear that shields my outfits that conceal my body. And I love men’s coats. But I can like women coats, too. At times. But I’ll show you exactly what is what that I fell in love with.

I am in love with Central/Eastern European fashion designers. So when I came across this full-length knit jacket by Croatian-born, German-educated, Paris-based designer Damir Doma, I just knew. And as they say, it is always best to follow your gut instinct.

Then, of course, we have the man of all men when it comes to practical, durable fashion Marc Jacobs. I own a Marc Jacobs. It’s a medium size, black leather bag with a long strap in case I want to wear it messenger style. I love that bag. And when I first came upon it as a Sales Associate at Burberry, there was no question. I let it go, but when my existing bag was on its last thread, I went online. But considering the urgency, I called my closet Holt Renfrew location. they had one left. I got it, and that was it. So now, seeing that this Marc Jacobs bag, sold at Colette, is sold out.

What the heck. I heart it all, don’t I.

Alas, we get to the street side of me. And a brand I’d never really cared about, admittedly until they (10Deep) bestowed these camouflage kicks in collaboration with PRO-Keds. in my presence.

I’ve had an ongoing debate with a lot of stupid people. Particularly men. There’s this belief, that streetwear is restricted with age. I, for one, do not believe that. One bit. Just like high-fashion, too much of one thing looks tacky. That said, if you’ve got a thing for kicks, well, you’ve got a thing for kicks! And if you’ve got style, your love for sneakers, and how you wear it, will prosper. I dunno, maybe the guys that feel the way they are trying to update the type of women they date. But they’re a bit, should I say, out of touch.

  1. Thanks for that, incredibly helpful on the subject. I will do a little more googleing for Get the look: Swagged out On Fashion

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