Re-cap: Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2011

In couture, designer, dress, Fashion on January 27, 2011 at 4:56 pm

While I love the intricate constructions of Haute Couture, this part of the collections is not my favourite. It sounds strange. But I find haute couture very traditional, older, and geared towards those getting married. Mind you, I love looking at some of the designs, but if I am seeking creative juices I much rather the colour and enthusiasm of ready-to-wear.

Alexander Vauthier gave us a refreshing take on haute couture. If I were to indulge in this culture, Vauthier would be the direction I would go.

Though, admittedly, he hasn’t strayed too far from his last collection, he resonates with a younger generation. I do respect designers who play with drapes, and this is territory Vauthier is learning to master. Other than that, we shall certainly wait and see.

I heart Karl Lagerfeld. And though he, at times, is so much more fun than Chanel, those clothes are a strong point of reference. His version of couture varies: at times, it’s detailed with lavish floor-length dresses and shimmering beads, then there’s the tweed jackets and matching skirts. Either way, it is, for the most part, traditional.

While it’s not something you’re going to expect a fun time with, Mr. Lagerfeld is loyal – something to be respected.

I love Jean-Paul Gaulthier. He’s a fun, engaging man. However, his collections, as of late, have not, in my opinion, represented anything innovative. I’ve seen this collection before. so, because I love this man, and because I still honour him as a leader in high-fashion, I expected more.

It’s possible that he’s overworked. He was creative director for two demanding fashion houses (Hermès and his namesake), and it’s possible that he’s taking the time to get back in his element. he did his best to bring theatricality with the bride singing and dancing. But, I don’t want to semantics – I want to see his talent.

If there is fun in Haute Couture, it is John Galliano for Christian Dior. Mind you, with the exception of a traditional runway, the collection itself was quite similar to last seasons. I do appreciate the colour and tulle embellished throughout the collection.

Mr. Galliano draws magical reference to time periods in his collections, and the `50s style theme worked well.

Mr. Giorgio Armani is by far, one of the best dress makers in fashion. It is breath-taking; dreamy fabrics, detailing, use of colour: priceless. The art-deco theme suited, the make-up, immaculate. The clothes one of the few I would wear.

Breathtaking, from beginning to the final look.

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