Icons: Meadham Kirchhoff

In British, designer, Fashion, Fashion Heat, Good Look, Icon, London, womenswear on January 14, 2011 at 7:09 pm

It was 2008. I was living in London and my life was about to begin. As an intern for British Vogue, the main job revolved around working Ms. Pippa Holt‘s clothing rack, the fashion features associate at the time. As I unpacked endless boxes, my heart stopped. I unfolded the tissue around one box in particular, I came across the sexiest pair of jeans I’d ever seen. They were black, velvety soft, with immaculate detail; every rip strategically done. I peeped the inside of the tag: Meadham Kirchhoff. It was clear, despite their regular “more dash than cash pages” that said item was targeted to those with 500 pounds to spare.

Throughout the day, I couldn’t stop from stealing peeks at the jeans. And from that day onward, I never forgot the power the brand had over me. I stocked runway images of, and I googled – incessantly – for anything I could find on it’s designers Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff.

Meadham Kirchhoff has been receiving it’s well deserved accolades, but the brand – in my eyes – is still remarkably underrated. And it is possible that it’s because the designs are conceptual (but isn’t Costume National?), but I suppose it also has to do with the designers not jumping ship to more commercial friendly fashion capitals.

Sometimes, it seems as though Meadham Kirchhoff is into bondage. I, have professed to be a fan of the culture – from a distance. why is is that sometimes I look at the clothes and I think of mild references to “Pinhead”?

But it was the duo’s Fall 2009 collection (if you do the math) that gripped me. The blouses were cobwebs on the contours of my mind. The pants resembled open flesh wounds decorated in stardust.

If I wanted the more playful side of punk culture, I can count on Meadham Kirchhoff to educate me. And it works! The duo’s creative genius translated into a well received collection for Topshop.

I’ve never been able to own pieces from the collaboration, but this release was one of the bigger revolutions in fast-fashion.

The Spring 2011 collection was disturbing – something of a fashion circus. It exploded with reds and yellows, and pushed the borders of taste. It was mesmerizing.

It is no wonder the British Fashion Council recently announced that Ed and Benjamin were winners (along with Peter Pilotto and Canadian expat Todd Lynn) of the Fashion Forward Award for the next two fashion seasons of London Fashion Week.

I am watching these guys like a hawk. Their trajectory is steady – let’s hope they kill it for 2011.

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