Burgeoning icon: Christopher Kane

In Fashion on January 14, 2011 at 12:47 am

A few years ago, while flipping threw British Vogue, the first thing I noticed was Christopher Kane’s sex appeal. And I’m not talking about his line. Christopher Kane, in my eyes, is exceptionally attractive. And it was only then that I became interested in learning more about his creations. The most obvious thing I realized: no collection is the same. Or, there’s no real distinction. Gareth Pugh has a trademark (Goth), Mark Fast (skin-tight knit), as does Erdem (floral, feminine print). Even design duo Meadham Kirchhoff show some consistency with their post-punk flair. But Mr. Kane (with no website, or form of accessible social media) is hard to pin. Just when I thought I liked his Goth-inspired confections of leather and crushed velvet, he then presents a collection of plexi and silk.

I had assumed he was heading the dramatic route, but then he unleashes a woman’s fun-loving side with breezy party dresses. And it was no wonder that Donatella Versace made him the creative director for Versace‘s baby sister, Versus.

Not that I was scratching my head with wonder, but I did not quite get it. And it was also around the time that he teamed up with Topshop to produce some boisterous gorilla print items. It was fascinating. But just as I’d started to get the hang of him, he turns around and presents a collection of plaid, almost peasant looking dresses.

Admittedly, I really though, and still think, hated this collection. Despite the continuous praise it got.
Ah, but he is young (born in `82 – the same year as me). So finding his voice in this saturated world is a must. And it was back to the miracles of leather. But this time, with a touch of whimsy.

This is my boy. But then again, this is what speaks to me. And thankfully, his Spring 2011 collection didn’t stray too far from the shed. And I like.

I appreciate that he’s coming to terms with a woman’s sexiness. It – through his construction – is maturing, and it can be many things. And I have come to appreciate that he is one of the more versatile designers in the cult of rising stars out right now.

He’s had a notorious 2010: his angry gorilla graphic prints were everywhere.

And his intergalactic star-prints were so omnipotent, even British Vogue dedicated their December issue to “stars.”

But case in point: because Mr. Kane is sexy, he therefore, knows what is sexy. And all of his collections, no matter which direction they took, all leads back to that one thing.

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