Spotted: The fur coat

In Fashion, Op Ed., Trend, Trend Report on January 6, 2011 at 1:54 am

I’ve never had a problem with fur. Sorry. I wish I could articulate the historical benefits to you, but I don’t think I need to. The ethical treatment of the animal means keeping me warm. I have a fur coat (I got it at a thrift store, if that helps any). But I want, desperately, a floor length fur coat with a hood. Like the one Amber Rose wore with Kanye West to the Louis Vuitton fashion show back in `09. Except, I would glamourize it with the most amazing kicks, or something completely punked out. Along with some jogging pants.

Recently Kanye West made headlines for wearing fur. Surprise. Listen, as it stands, some of the most important people in fashion wear this coveted delicacy. Yes, it is. Now, that doesn’t mean that because they do, it’s a reason to wear it. But I merely brought them up (Anna Wintour, Kate Moss, and Andre Leon Talley, respectively) to raise the point that Mr. West isn’t doing anything particularly new. And I could, if I had the resources, go back even further. Back to the days when men were in caves, let alone today’s celebrity culture. And it also had me thinking something else.

When Mr. West famously wore his fur with Amber, he did to make a statement. He had a bad ass chick, and he was going to a bad ass show. Now, he’s doing bad by himself. This statement, in 2011, is him letting people know that he’s still the don. And I commend him. Besides, fur is not going anywhere, so let’s leave it at that.

I’m not giving up on fur. And neither should the people who wear it. If you like faux – do you. I don’t. So here’s to the luxurious furs of the world. I’ll go naked and wear fur. That’s all I’d need anyway. It’s as simple as that. For your simple ass.

Ms. Wintour looks so relaxed in her fur. Why not?

The King of ostentatious fashion gave me the confidence in fur.

After much scavenging, I’ve come across some coats I would wear. If I only had the money. Well, whatever, one day. Are you ready to go?

Only Lanvin could be this elegant. Black and white long hair. I love this as much as I love a pet. Actually, I love it more.

Who knew blue fur coat be so understated? The neckline, cinched waist, this coat is perfect.

My memories of brown fur coats are big, bulky and very retro. This on the other hand is very chic. Nice length, but I want it longer.

This coat is more like it. Very versatile. Beautiful hue, and foxy. Uh, right.

I’ve never been a Supra fan, but I’ve fallen in love with these 2011 Black and white editions. And they’re here, because I’d wear them with each and every coat. Thanks to Highsnobiety for sharing this one.

  1. I think Kanye looked ridiculous in that coat.

    • Damn, I’m responding to a comment!

      Well, it’s your opinion, but I think he looks hella fly. Not many men can pull off a fur coat. You know who looked ridiculous, Sylvester Stallone circa 1980-something. Now it’s not so bad is it? 😉

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