Burgeoning Icon: Kid Cudi

In Fashion, Fashion Heat, Men, style on January 6, 2011 at 8:26 pm

I still remember that day. I was scavenging Myspace for the next big thing. One thing lead to another, and before I knew it, I had to have him. Well, not literally, but I just saw something that intrigued my interest. After talking with the then unknown Kid Cudi, I knew. But boy, he really did it.

Little did I know, this man/boy with an old soul moonlighted as model for the NYC-based streetwear brand Lemar & Dauley, a brand that I held – and still hold – dear to my heart, to this very day.

Cudi’s style has gone from finding itself to being bang on the money. Well, he’s had a few misses, I was not a fan of that pencil moustache – it looked schmuckish – but Mr. Mescudi shines when in non-chalant swagg mode.

I do however, like the GQ layout, and it’s apparent that that’ll create some sort of trend among the young hip-hop/R&B aficionados across the globe. Thanks to the G.O.O.D imprint, it’s become cool to be a black dapper don. Fitted jeans, and clean check shirts represent a freshness that is new to this generation of flagrant mis-match that has plaged”urban” fashion.

Ah, but admittedly, I do like a bit of ghetto. You know, when a guy wears his jacket without a care. Stubble in check, and a bit of unwashed/unkept sexy but still oh so clean.

Not everyone can do it, but this man can.

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