Trendspotting: Lace? Too late!

In Fashion, Trend, Trend Report on December 7, 2010 at 3:54 am

At first it wasn’t a big deal. I was going to take a chance and call out the ever wonderful Madame Suzy Menkes on her lateness in lace. But further research left me annoyed, if not shocked. A web crawl of venerable publications are highlighting lace as a ‘fresh’ trend. As someone who tries to stay on top of things, it’s offensive. I’m okay with advising people how to wear it. It is Christmas party time, but getting on the bandwagon at year’s end?

Lace has been on the fashion radar since January. Black lace, the sleekest of them all, is a mindless choice. Had it have been red, yellow, green for GOD sakes, I might be somewhat amused. I must at least give kudos to the UK-based celebrity-ridden Heat magazine for nodding Katy Perry’s purple lace dress – if you can’t exercise your skill, put a spin on it.

This also brings about another though: who sets the trend? the red carpet stylists, or the fashion editors? I mean, at this point, there’s something unexplainable going on. Fashion stylists with a secured celebrity list means a secured front-row invitation to collections around the world. It also means guaranteed fashion press and an upmanship on the editors.

Celebrities are an important source of inspiration for me, red carpets are fun, but not integral to my eye. I use them as a source of entertainment. My inspiration for trends comes from the runways and the fashion authorities, the real fashion authorities.

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