GOD’s Girl

In Fashion, Fashion Heat, Good Look on December 4, 2010 at 3:05 am

As a young man looked through my October Vogue Paris issue, he was taken aback but the lurid Gothic imagery. I can’t say I was surprised by his intellectual indigence; he does come from a place where social liberation runs very thin. He asked me if I like to dress like a Goth, I said yes. He proceeded to tell me that Goths worship the devil. He asked me if I believe in GOD, I said yes. He asked me what kind. The Christian God. Then I showed him the Word of God tattoo emblazoned on my arm.

Then he said I was a “bad girl,” whatever that means. Needless to say, what the idiot failed to realize is that Goth falls between the extremes of good and evil.

The strong Catholicism and masonic imagery are one in the same. Yes, it delves into the dark side, but it’s also counter-balanced with bright side. And it’s a very romantic concept. It can lean towards a more Victorian element with lace, and cameo necklaces, billowing skirts.

Or it can have a punk aesthetic with sharp boots, leather and zips. I think if I could, I’d balance it with a bit of both, but I would lean towards to the Victorian side. I’ve only seen some of the most beautiful Gothic garments anyway.

But getting to the point. I am a woman of many fashion interests. But I am most interested in Goth – have been for a while. Which explains my long time fascination with Prince. If I had the means, would I dress let my inner Goth come out? Probably. They say the way we dress is an extension of our sexuality, and this is an interesting topic.

Long before Rihanna made it cool, I had a prolonged fascination with sado-masochism. That’s a world I’ve never really gone to deep into, but it’s not something I’m particularly afraid of. On my way home (after talking with the young lad), I happened to walk into Type books on Queen West. It just so happened that it was an open lesbian reading night, or something of the sort. One of the speakers started to read from an anthology: how to be a dominatrix.

As she went into detail, I zoned out and imagined the actual setting, the clothes, the ambiance. How wonderful would it be to parade in a corset and leather knee-high boots and my Nicki Minaj bob. When she went onto the masochist part, though I understood, I couldn’t really see myself dawning leather chokers and mesh tops. But the idea of entertaining a guy I was into (as a Dominatrix) amuses me.

I remember a guy telling me years ago that I would make a great dominatrix. I twisted my face in disgust at the time. Now, well, let’s just saw it would be interesting. But on the basis that my “victim” is a super hot alpha male, of course.

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