Men’s Fashion Week: Paris II

In Fashion, Fashion Heat on June 25, 2010 at 6:18 pm

This spring 2011 collection is exactly what you would expect from a designer that thinks outside the box.  Congratulations to Korean designer Juun J for killin’ it with the avant-garde. Masculine yet feminine, sexy yet asexual, it’s Gothic, extremely moody yet one hell of a ride. You don’t need to confidence to wear Juun J. Matter-of-fact, it’s perfectly suited to the person who is quite the opposite. It’s for the understated fashion indulgent who makes huge statements through little things. He or she is intimidating at first glance, but you can’t turn away. All you want to know is “Where did you get that, and how do I get it?” You need to love Juun J, because you need something new and refreshing in your closet. The spider-web graphic print leggings and fiery red biker jackets are dangerously enticing, and the utility overcoats are giving a bit of ‘jazz’ with white and royal purple colourways.

Amsterdam design team Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren put a lot of passion into their womenswear wear. And while I consider Viktor & Rolf up there in ranks as fashion designers, I wasn’t that impressed with their spring 2011 collection. As much as they love to push the boundaries in fashion, this collection seems rather safe. Sure the rug trimming on the suits were interesting, as were the mint coloured shoes, but I know they could have raised the bar for their men’s wear just a bit higher. But what I will say, is that the collection is very plush: the tailoring is clean, and the fabrics are silky. They are in a league of their own with what they do, and I understand them not wanting to be too ambitious with menswear, but there’s always ways of playing with ideas while still keeping it within reason. Let us hope that the next collection brings about a bit more inspiration.

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