And today in Gaga news…

In Fashion, Fashion Heat on June 25, 2010 at 2:19 pm

Lady GaGa becomes the first artist in digital history to have three songs top the 4 millions download mark”  Peace FM Online

“Lady Gaga’s proud dad, Joseph Germanotta, phoned Manhattan strip club HeadQuarters and insisted on buying her a $700 magnum of Laurent Perrier champagne when she partied there”

“Pop singer Lady Gaga has been slammed by the anti-drugs campaigners after she admitted to her fans that she loves ecstasy.” DNA India

“A Russian billionaire gave the pop singer the huge sum for the chance to star alongside her in the 9-minute promo for ’Alejandro’.”  Post Zambia

“Lady Gaga is not about to join the ranks of celebrity mums – because she’s frightened of babies”  The Press Association

Yes. The world has officially gone gaga for the lady. Whether it be Vogue, Showstudio, countless blogs and the like. You can chew her up, spit her up, oogle her, admire her. I suppose she’s become a voice of rebellion so many people are craving right now. Her trajectory to the top has been unstoppable; she gets more and more absurd with every video, every outfit, and it seems to be quenching a thirst. Well, her she is, your GOD, your saviour. It’s all for you.

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