Fashion Heat: Cupcakes

In culture, Fashion, Fashion Heat, Good Look, Op Ed. on June 14, 2010 at 1:31 am

There’s a new seductress in town. She’s got a body like Jessica Rabbit, and for the record, no, she’s out not for your man (well, maybe, if he’s into that kinda thing), she’s out for you. She’s enthralling to look at, so look away you must – quickly. You see, if she catches your eye, there’s no turning back. She’s a femme fatale that’ll make you fall in love, and it’s dangerous, because before you know it, it’ll be endless romps with you, she and your favorite book, TV show, whatever. And it won’t be pretty – particularly when jogging pants and hoodies become your preferred outfit of choice. She’s a sumptuous womaneater that’ll keep you coming back for more. She is, respectively, the sickeningly sweet, fluffy, cupcake.

Women all over are diving headfirst into the world of cupcake making. In December `09, British Vogue ran a lengthy cover story on its rise to superstardom that featured supermodel-turned-Pastry extraordinaire Lorraine Pascale, and Peggy Porschen, a cupcake connoisseur and her book, Pretty Party Cakes.

For the record, while I’ve always said I can cook (well, there was a time when I made decent efforts to. I think I was madly in love then), the idea of baking never appealed to me. Me? bake? cupcakes? But when I looked to the end of the magazine – the ‘advertising feature’ – had not one, but two pages of pastry shops with an layout of the treats. Cupcakes by Charley, Cupcake-a-licious (ripped from Destiny’s Child’s Bootylicious), Yummy Days, Cupcakes by Design (sounds architectural, doesn’t it), and simply, Fancie.

While I found it all to be quite fascinating, it was, at the same time, overwhelming. But what I learned, which is new to me, is that baking is empowering. Not just cooking. And I don’t quite think it’s purely about the aesthetic of a pretty cupcake, either. Well, maybe a big chunk of it, as most people like beautiful things. Let alone beautiful things you can eat.

Cupcakes are the new black! They’re fashionable, amazing gift ideas (well, I’d certainly be happy with them) and perfect for an evening  soirée with friends. You might say no to desert, but I can attest, if those cupcakes are sitting there, staring at you, you won’t be able to resist the idea of having, you know, just a slice.

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