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In designer, Icon, style on June 7, 2010 at 7:11 pm

I was drawn to Jil Sander before I had an intellectual grasp of high-fashion. The times I’d read Vogue (not even  half as vehemently as I do now) introduced me to Jil Sander  advertisements with models over-posed in minimalist pieces in vibrant, and very digestible, colourways. Definitely not as pungent as a Lacoste ad, but not as dramatic as Fendi or Prada. I suppose Sander was my introduction to fashion appreciation. And she was safe, much like my fashion personality at the time(or maybe lack thereof). Naturally, in later years, as my gravitational pull towards elaborate ‘statement’ designers like Nicolas Ghesquière for Balenciaga took hold, Sander was buried in the back of my fashion psyche in favour of the extravaganza of fashion, rather than the practicality of it.

When I lived in London, Japanese brand Uniqlo was no where near my radar of interest. It just wasn’t. I found it bland, unattractive, and too colourful (a shirt is a shirt is a shirt). And sure, Uniqlo’s ads were somewhat okay – and plastered in every tube station – but I never bought a stitch. In a city like London where fast-fashion is served like McDonald’s, the competition was stiff,(Urban Outfitters was more me, and American Apparel was so much cooler).

I’ve come back full circle with my love for Jil Sander. The woman behind the namesake has long left the brand, and in her place is the just as stark Raf Simons. And now that I can conceptualize fashion, I’m fascinated by Belgium, even professing that should I go back to Europe, Belgium is at the top of my places to live (considering the talent that reaps throughout the country).

I’d paid slight attention to the real Jil Sander launching a collection for Uniqlo. But after reading a heart-felt piece by Suzy Menkes for the International Herald Tribune, my heart – to say the least – is in a different place.  Sander and her former self are now two completely different entities, and she’s apart of something so much bigger than her name.

I’ve yet to see a Uniqlo in Toronto. But, there’s a truth to be told. If I go back to Great Britain, back to good ‘ole London, it’ll be just in time as the line hits stores in September. And I guess, I’m a bit relieved. I say that because this collaboration, +J for Uniqlo, will be the one time I will  be able to afford a piece of something from someone who in a way, cultivated the way I view fashion today.

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