Musing: The Hawk

In Fashion, Fashion Heat, Good Look, Trend, Trend Report on May 24, 2010 at 11:55 pm

The runway is easy work; designers and their stylists infiltrate the trends editors and bloggers ogle over. While it’s surely a great help, it’s amazing how your imagination can create something out of the most unconventional sources. That’s what makes the most prolific fashion designers so brilliant.

In this case, the bird of prey – more specifically – the hawk , has been a reoccurring theme for me.  Even though they’re seen as ruthless vultures , in myth, they represent awareness, truth and foresight (which I’m sure has much to do with their 20/20 vision). According to Bookrags, the Hawk symbolizes “divine majesty, the superiority of the intellect over the physical and of the spiritual over the material.”

Now, this doesn’t particularly mean it’s time to go shopping for feathers and furs. When I think of the Hawk, I see hooded cloaks, a military green colour palette, and architectural silhouettes. It’s interestingly dark. It’s a bit… anarchic. When I thought of the Hawk, my mind immediately went to the 1985 fantasy flick Ladyhawke and 2009 Canadian drama film The Wild Hunt.

Here, I fell for this Bonarag cape, Khaki Chloé dress, and Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain booties. I didn’t have in a safari look in mind (though that can lean rather close), I didn’t want anything barbaric either. But I wanted a look that represents the freedom of the wilderness. With a fashion twist, of course.   

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