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Trend Report: A Workman’s armour

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Diesel Black Gold Fall 2010

Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2010

Ralph Lauren Spring 2009

It’s time to trade in those feminine garbs for  ‘real’ clothes. Since we can remember, fashion’s empowered all types of women; the power-shouldered working girl, to the spike heeled, potty-mouthed punk. Designers have sent models gliding down the runway wearing a multitude of masks, but this time there’s a new girl in town. And she’s not afraid to be rugged, tried and true blue. The overall wearing worker’s woman is the star for this season.

Jean Paul Gaultier’s overalls were wide-legged, Parisian chic while Diesel’s version for it’s Black Gold collection was lolita-sexy. The most controversial of all, Ralph Lauren’s shredded super-baggy take was all-America southern  comfort. Fans sat aghast, but we had to tip our hats to these designers for refusing to wear that trend-adapting security blanket.

The bleu de Gênes overalls brings a fresh perspective on fashion’s current status. Wearing them means you’re not afraid to get down with the rest of society. It’s a defiance from the trends orchestrating a glossy’s trend pages because you’re your own woman. As a form of the rebellion, the frustrated workers of the depression era, and the hip-hop youth of  the `90s wore overalls as a way to define themselves as working class. For the fashion girl,  it’s seeking an alternative to skin-tight clothing she’s been embracing for seasons. This time around, she’s drowning the air’s honey dew sweetness, arms shielding face while soaking up the sun.

Harem, jodhpur, and slouch pants all brought a touch of glamour to comfort. But overalls speaks depth. For a more trendy look, try them super-short with a shredded hemlines. You can also a try a slimmer, indigo for that urban cosmo appeal. If you’re brave enough, baggy, distressed overalls with your favorite converse and loose-fitting tee brings just the right amount of hick to the fashion front.

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