The art of pretty nails

In Beauty, colour, Fashion, Fashion Heat on April 23, 2010 at 4:13 pm

It’s true: women love their hands more when the weather is warmer. There’s no point in trying to understand it, when the wind feels like daggers piercing through our skin, our hands hibernate in our pockets. Then when the weatherman waves his (or her) green flag, Beauty Editors go nail gonzo and we race to our beloved nail bars for a continuum of manicures until the trees are naked and it’s back to the winter bin once again.

I noticed this when in a matter of weeks, I  befriended two different nail ladies and accrued a small collection of Zoya polish. I also  took an interest (one again) in nail design, eagerly booking my appointment for a minx set. Forget about it. I bare no interest in french tips or nude hues, I want bright, boisterous colours and adventurous designs.

Until moving to England I played it safe, throwing in the occasional hot pink for variety. Boredom and London’s animated culture persuaded me to give nail design a try. It complements my rather grayscale (preferably black) outfits, and is an extension of my personality because I’m quite unpredictable, you know.

I’ll admit something: there are an army of asian women with brilliant nails regardless of weather change. I adored their nails, but my bland job didn’t allow for anything but conformity. Admittedly, pretty nails is a culture for the vainer woman.

Professional nails are quite expensive (at least $35 for the prettiest nails), but I think I’ll stack up on that Zoya nail polish ($10 a pop). That way, I can keep my nails pretty during colder months.

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