Trend Report: Black Patent

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You can be a flirtatious lolita, or a sultry vixen. But why be one when there’s room for both? Since blossoming into an unofficial Givenchy princess, I’ve become a something of – a black maven. Forget colour, I know what’s best. Many people  consider black to be safe, but it’s not. It’s gothic, absorbs heat, and it’s distant. Most of all, you have to find ways to make it interesting; a hard feat when your eyes are as black as a bat’s cave.

When wearing black, the shoes have to match. And I realize material is extremely important. Suede can be risky – it’s afraid of water and impossible to clean properly. Leather is good, but it can feel as heavy as it looks. I do however, like the idea of black lace shoes. Better yet, black lace with patent trimming. Or patent wedges – pay attention to those. That’s the ringer for me – patent. Oh yes, I love the idea of patent  shoes matched with all black ready-to-wear attire.

So it’s a deal. When wearing black, keep it breezy. Free flowing wraps (oversized is best), leggings (no spandex – no shine), very light-weight denim,  and loose fitting t-shirts. Dresses are good, especially if short. Long is good too. Actually, I’m thinking jersey. Jersey fabric is key. Try to find a catsuit if you can, throw a wrap over it, and add some black patent shoes. There you go, you’ve got it. I’ll even give you a head start if you need it.

Dr. Martens patent boots.

Kurt Geiger’s Carvela Sleaze Patent Lace-up Ankel Boot available at ASOS

Givenchy lace sandal with patent leather trim

Fendi Patent Logo boot

Report Signature ankle boot

Mini Market patent leather wedges

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