If I were a boy…

In Fashion on March 12, 2010 at 3:07 pm

Wendell, Wendell, Wendell…  boy oh boy. Kiss-him-more

He’s another one of those guys that make me embarrassed. In my case, when I find a guy attractive, I’m not particularly a nice gal – not mean, just kinda… professional.

Despite the fact that I’m old enough to be his big sister (thank god), he’s mature beyond his 24 years (I assume by the time of this post) hustling a modelling job and a son. I’ll say one thing, he’s got more responsibilities than moi.

But what’s gorgeous about this fella is his cultivation. Army brat kids, or kids born to parents in the army can be fortunate. In the sense, that they become temporary expatriates to the world. In this lad’s case, he lived in Germany. Which means he was probably able to stay quite level-headed when his modelling career started to take off.

Represented by Red Models in NYC and Ford Europe, Monsieur Lissimore has done Lookbooks for Hermes, and commercial work for department stores including Bloomingdales and campaigns for Stone Island. He has hit up the gay market too, and I’m not surprised. Quite frankly, Monsieur Lissimore’s got the appeal for all ends of the spectrum.

I’m concerned, though. I see he’s done some editorial for 2009, but since his peak in 2008, he’s semi-M.I.A. I sure hope not, because he breaks the stereotype of token black guys that enter the modelling scene. Meaning, there are girls that just want to see a sexy black guy; doesn’t have to be mixed with chinese or looking like he got plucked out the jungle – just a sexy black guy that you may actually see your self associated with at some point in your life.

Your around the way boy. I’ll be hitting up the fashion weeks this year, and I’ll expect to be seeing him on some runways.

  1. love wendell,i always have..he is the top black guy and he hasnt beeen doing too much modeling in the past 6 months due to his filming for his tv debut for ”model city’ which airs thursdays on bet(even though i hate bet lol i watch this show only) but he walked for cerrutti this season in paris as well as mason martin margiela,he opened the qwasimi show and walked for hermes as always so his top spot is still solidified 😉

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