Musing: Nathan Jenden A/W 2010

In Collection, designer, Fashion, Fashion Heat, Good Look, Hidden Gem, Icon, style on March 3, 2010 at 8:24 pm

After nine heartfelt years, DVF’s Nathan Jenden stepped down from the coveted throne as Creative Director to set his sights on cultivating his own namesake. DVF’s influence runs rampant throughout his eponymous collection, and he’s one of the few designers who continues to strut his catwalk with women of colour (he represents Benetton tribe to the fullest).

I’m new to Jenden’s empire; but the most obvious thing to me is his understated fame. Diane Von Furstenberg’s fashion line never had the shock value as Chanel or Dior, but it managed to build a solid following and was always in the top ten of the world’s most celebrated fashion brands. Reason being was the safety net factor; it didn’t step outside any boundaries, but women over the fresh-faced age could always ‘come home to DVF’. Jenden’s a young guy, though. And through his collection he experimented with being – perhaps – what he wished DVF would be. But being a talented designer for a bigger brand means  following the protocol for what that brand stands for.

I see what could be a cry for Lady Gaga and Rihanna in his current collection. Heck, I see this collection as a calling to any girl who likes to be equated with ‘fierce’  Amber Rose, Daphne Guinness, whoever. My eagerness is to see if he breaks the ceiling with this collection. It’s possible – we’ll see.

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