I’m a Prada Girl

In culture, designer, Fashion, Fashion Heat, Shopping, style on March 1, 2010 at 7:21 pm

The scent of Lavender streams through my senses as I open my eyes. Hmm – must be the mug with the tea bag from last night. I squint as I look to the left; a fresh blue sky with droplets of orange nestles beside my window Payne.  I feel warmth. The fierce feline and my companion, Bernadette is curled up on the pillow beside me, her purrs are comforting. I can’t get out of bet just yet, but as I reminisce about last night, my heart squirms with excitement.

Snowflakes swirled from the sky and filled the streets like confetti. But the weather didn’t stop me, of course not! It was my day, and it was once in a lifetime. My fairy godmother granted me one wish: pick a store, any store. You have one outfit, from head-to-toe. Guessing from the subject line, I’m sure you can tell who I chose.

The Prada store stretched for miles. As I looked around, I was greeted by a young fashionista, not a stitch of make-up but a high impact fashion statement. She wore black velvet peep-toe booties, and a navy-blue jumper. “Hi! Welcome to Prada” her voice relaxed yet inviting. I felt at home.

Two Hours Later

As I left the store, I felt empowered with my Prada bags in check. It felt like eyes were all on me, and they were. I don’t know where I’m going tomorrow, but I know I’ve got to do this.

And tomorrow is today. I pulled each Prada box out of each Prada bag (it all means that much to me). The knots caught up in my stomach, my legs quivered. For one day, I was a Queen – a Prada Queen. And I think I even got a text message, from some guy that looks like a french model. Maybe I was in France? Who knows…

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