In the Know: Christian V Siriano for Payless?

In affordable, Collection, designer, Shoes, Shopping, Trend on January 28, 2010 at 5:21 pm

If you’ve been going gaga over Alexander McQueen’s hoofs, then you’ll probably love the next best thing: Christian Siriano’s Payless collection. And why not? Every girl needs a taste in luxury sometimes.

The curvy, sexy shoe comes in three colourways available for $79.99 (USD). My preference would be the aqua-coloured pump. However, as much as I’m down with fast fashion, I do have a qualm.

 I love shoes (as does every woman, right?). But do I love Payless? Sure I did – back in the day. But think about the quality reality of Payless: low-grade leather which leads to smelly feet, and poor construction which means if you’re lucky you’ll get a good three months out of it. Honestly, I don’t believe in spending more than $30.00 on a Payless shoe – limited edition or not – and I certainly think that if it’s not inked with a specialty shoe store, even frickin’ H&M (which is not a shoe store but is the hotness for fast-fashion), then it’s not something to swoon over.

I could be wrong. I’ve never invested in a Christian Siriano before nor have I heard of him prior to Nitrolicious, so,  this may be worth while. And I’m sure girls will lining outside a Payless based off the strength of visual aesthetic alone, anyway.

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