If I were a boy…

In Beauty, Fashion Heat, Good Look, model, sex symbol, style on January 24, 2010 at 12:12 am

I’d be 20-year-old male model Sean O’Pry of VNY Model Management. I was flipping through an issue of i-D and POW! His editorial spread hit me like a boxing glove. His magnetic blue eyes and defined jaw line are the epitome of aesthetic perfection. While I wouldn’t call it a sin to look this good, his sinful sexiness has women and men transfixed.

As the highest paid male model in the business now, he’s donned campaigns for Calvin Klein ad Giorgio Armani. He’s opened catwalks in Milan and Paris, and has been in about just about every magazine that has room for human male mannequins. One can’t imagine what the teeny boppers are going through when they see him now.

Kind of reminds me of when I had a teenage crush on then model Antonio Sabato Jr. I used to print off images from the Internet and post them on my wall, heck, I even joined a fan club (until it started to become spam, I had no interest in every minute detail of his life as I thought). But it was such a joy to drool over a medium-well tenderloin (pun-intended) stake. Then he became B -movie actor.

Maybe O’Pry will be a B+ movie actor if he’s smart about it. You know, playing the sub-romantic lead along older list actresses in Nancy Meyers romantic-comedies. Just do me a favour honey, don’t try to become the next Steven Seagal, or even the next Bruce Willis, who was damn good at pumping action-injected films. Most of the time, when you’re not what those guys consider to be ‘real actors’ it all goes to shit from there.

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