I Heart Osklen

In Collection, designer, Fabric, Fashion, Good Look, RTW, style, Trend, Wish List on January 21, 2010 at 1:05 am

I’m inspired by Osklen’s seemingly effortless boho grub collections. And take chic out the equation – that’s such a lame adjective.  Admittedly, I’m envious of more fortunate women who have the luxury of sporting the ‘fashion bum’ look without shopping ‘bum’ prices. But until that day comes, the second-hand route has made its way comfortably into my lifestyle, which adds a bit of compromise to how fresh some of my staples appear at times.

The aesthetics behind Osklen is a raggedy-ann concept with a polished finish. You can wear a complete outfit that’s easily mistaken for a thrift-find at first glance, but closer inspection reveals soft leathers, organic cottons and intricate drapes. I would love to wear a $2500 outfit constructed to look like its been lying around in the closet for a couple of years, if not longer. And I’m noticing that Latin Americans seem to be the predecessors of this type of fashion statement.

Who knows, maybe I’m living on the wrong side of the planet. As much as I love high fashion, I’m also a major fan of comfort, and that’s what Osklen has represented since its 1982 inception. “All my work is about duality. I juxtapose symbolic, textural, conceptual, and visual opposites,” creative director Oskar Metsavaht recently told Lets not complicate things now,Oskar. Simply put; Osklen is an extremely comfortable  collection of loosely draped cuts  done with meticulious attention to detail.

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