Tina Kalivas is graphic

In Collection, designer, Fashion Heat, Good Look, London, Trend on January 14, 2010 at 2:11 am

A few months back I pitched a tribal print story to a certain Canuk fash editor with blank response – maybe that’s why. But part of my few assumptions is that it’s not mainstream enough, or as safe as, say – the  fluttering floral print. Or just maybe, unlike the space-age shoulder pad, the tribal print’s bold concept is restricted to a certain under 30ish, long and lanky type. Regardless, leave it to cool fashion designers ­­— or for better words, relatively unknowns— to dance in territories trend-conscious fashion lovers dare not to go, and quite frankly not give a rat’s… ass.

Australian-born Tina Kalivas has been at the helm of graphic print fashion concepts since her début at Australian Fashion Week in 2002. And throughout her tenure in the fashion business, teetering risqué grounds – as seen in her spring/summer 2010 collection – is something she does because, well, she’s good at it.

The collection, to me at least, is very reminiscent of a park filled with those stylish hipsters in east Hackney, or on the gritty streets south side Brixton (which makes sense seeing Kalivas is a Londoner these days), but the clothes don’t reference  any political jargon. These ephemeral fashion staples are just that – flirty yet whimsical signatures.

I’ve always believed that everyone should have one unconventional piece of something in their wardrobe. If you’re very boyish girl, then a pair of heels; if you’re monochromatic, a bit of tribal print.

For quite some time I’ve also talked about owning a dashiki for home cleaning purposes, but maybe I’ll opt for a night out in a Tina Kalivas piece instead.

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