Telfar’s Spring/Summer 2010 Minstrel Show?

In designer, Fashion, Oddly Unique on January 12, 2010 at 12:42 am

I’m sorry, but I can’t —I just can’t.

You know, what I love about fashion is that you’re free to be who or whatever your heart desires. And theoretically that’s a beautiful thing. No matter how absurdly eccentric, there’s room for everyone.  And it will last for as long as you let it, seeing you can make the most of what’s given to you.

At first glimpse of the Autumn/Winter 2009 collection, NYC fashion label Telfar is bursting with potential. Suddenly, by the click of a mouse leading to the brand’s home page, I’m flabbergasted by what’s glaring at me.

Essentially, up until I don’t know when, Telfar was a funky, unisex, retro-futuristic collection with mildly satirical undertones. No biggie. Now, what can I say? I guess many will just roll their eyes at another limelight seeking designer. And while I’m not sure who in the hell Telfar Clemens is addressing, or what shock value he’s trying to induce, this, to me, is appalling. I’m sure if I call it like I see it I could run the risk of coming across as vexed; and I’m not so I won’t. I’ll let the images speak for themselves. But even when I tried to pick the collection apart, all I could see were patatoe sacks and quite frankly, it isn’t amusing nor is it funny (and they’re both one in the same). And I can’t be convinced that this is really some breathable, organic hand-made garments, either. I’d love to see more black designers in household fashoin magazines, but how can an editor at GQ take this seriously?

If you have something to say, just say it! There’s nothing wrong with using your craft to make a political point. But when I see what looks like a rendition of Mandingo as a spring/summer 2010 collection, I’m not going to say “Oh! That’s a lovely loungewear/pajama collection.” They say no press is bad press, but in this case, in a fickle economy amid a fashion rat race, there’s certain press you just can’t afford.

So I will say this: No excuses. Once again, don’t—just don’t.

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