One to Watch: Odyn Vovk

In Collection, designer, dress, Fashion, Good Look, Icon, Men, RTW, Trend on January 8, 2010 at 2:37 am

The fashion world has run amuck. It seems a lot of new designers believe — with all the will their hearts can  muster — that throwing contorted bulks on a model sporting a suicidal expression standing against a bare backdrop is good fashion. No, it’s not, and people generally can see right through it. The emo thing was over before it began, and right about now that concept is the equivalent to a sedative- I’m numb. But you know, there’s something convincing when eastern European designers do it. Maybe it’s their deep-rooted history, but when I see the drama concocted into their designs to me, it’s authentic. Which leads me to Ukraine-born menswear designer Odyn Vovk.

I love the creepiness of his slit-sharp collections. This new designer’s concept is so masculine I can smell the testosterone through the computer. Yet, when he makes those very few womenswear staples, there’s nothing really androgynous about them. They are glamorous and form-fitting with cascading drapes. There’s no question that I would wear his women’s pieces.  And when you take the clothes off the morbid models, the men’s pieces are totally hot. Maybe too hot for the average guy who still thinks the school boy cardigan look is the must do for the season.

Paper Magazine called the collection Post-nuclear-war chic. I’m not sure if this was self-imposed or not, but I don’t see anything nuclear about it. Unless Mad Max is post-nuclear war? But even then, Mad Max was your quintessential GQ prototype, you know. Most girls love a man with edge.

I’m excited to see Odyn Vovk’s development.

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