Does Joseph Altuzarra suck?

In designer, Fashion, France, Good Look, One to Watch, RTW, sexy, style on January 7, 2010 at 9:35 pm

People are flipping their lids over Joseph Altuzarra lately. He’s a handsome, young Parisian-born fashion designer whose collection has industry leaders salivating like rabid animals. To call Joseph’s success a stroke of luck is a stretch of the imagination; the guy is hotter than a lava eruption. But is his collection anything more than a over-saturated hype? I see why he’s the man of the moment. It’s no walk in the park being a 25-year-old burgeoning designer in New York City — the capital of recession hell — in the middle of a crumbling economy. Particularly when veterans are diving head-first into the pits. However, Joseph’s got the mandate down packed. He has, for one, paid meticulous attention to detail honing his skills under fashion house Gods Marc Jacobs, Givenchy and Proenza Schouler. And, to garnish it off, he got himself a bare-faced, tussle-haired muse; the daughter of romance novelista Danielle Steele.

He’s a solider on the fashion front, and his second collection was an assemblage of free-flowing fringe, suede and key boho-chic references. When I took a good look at his overall delivering, what I’m most impressed with is that his shows were not a distracting extravaganza. Instead, he’s allowed people to fall in love with his confections for what they are. Maybe it’s true that the French just know how to do it.

Yes, I am a fan.

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