In Canadian, designer, Fashion, Recap, Shopping on December 31, 2009 at 7:19 pm

Come ahhnnn! We all know NY’s resolutions are the corniest thing known to man. But you know, we do need them once in a while. I’ve been so hooked on euro-style I completely dismissed what’s right in front of me. So if you’re a fashion maven like me — and I do think I’m a pretty cool one — then make an ode to showin’ some love to the fashion merchants and innovators in your area that need you the most.

For 2010, I promise to:

5) Party on down to those Fashion gatherings that happen around the city. Yeah, I’d much rather curl up in front my european mags, and browse the Internet for designers across the pond (or the border). Sometimes hitting up the locals can be a bit lame because you see the same faces. But it’s worth a shot, you never know who’s going to show up.

4) Attend LG Fashion Week and FAT. Yeah, I’m going to mingle with the other fashion industry leaders and rouse in the talents of homegrown fashion talent. I may have to dig through a lot of junk, but I’m sure I’ll find a gem somewhere in there.

3) Shop at Canadian designer boutiques. I’ll be the first to admit, sometimes Toronto fashion can be a bit “gag inducing,” there I said it. But upon taking chances of just walking into to some stores, and gazing at the visual display long enough to be creative, I did notice some genuinely cool stuff.  

2) Share my love for fashion with Canadian press. Yeah, some of you may have figured, I am writer – a journalist to be specific. So, While I’ve lived across the pond and tried my hardest to break into fashion mags elsewhere, I’ve decided to build a portfolio right here. Elle CanadaFashion Magazine, Flare, they’re all here, and they’re just as good  a platform to build my portfolio as is Marie Claire, or Glamour, or Vogue — well, maybe not Vogue.

1) Utilize my Canadian resources. Why do people always think they need to leave to attain success? Why can’t we just venture out for a short while then come back home once we’ve got our fill? I felt the same way for far too long. As cliché as it sounds, no, the grass was not particularly greener. We’ve got billions of resources here, a federal government, provinces, everything. If I absolutely must leave, then I’d at least like to know I’ve utilized all possible resources here and reached a certain level of success. Then going somewhere else will just be an extension, not a main mission.

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