One to Watch: Hoi Lam Wong

In designer, Fashion, Good Look, One to Watch on December 17, 2009 at 11:50 pm

If you’re going to do floral prints, do it right or forget it. But not only has floral prints taken over the fashion world, the saturation of it has made my stomach churn with nausea.

There was once a time when I wanted nothing more than to be encompassed in an endless field of sun-kissed flowers. Now, the mere thought of it makes me roll my eyes with exasperation. And to think, I once truly loved floral prints; I would have owned a closet full had it not been for its mass-production for a quick buck. But I digress. Alas, my love for floral prints has been salvaged.

London of College of Fashion graduate Hoi Lam Wong has saved it. The award-winning designer’s final collection – as part of Graduate Fashion Week – was based on creating a “modern womenswear collection that drew heavily from male tailoring.” Which could be why I’m in love with floral prints again.

Wong’s collection is – at it’s absolute worse – blatantly sexy. But not in the way you’d expect. What makes it sexy is that it’s conservative. There’s no need to show a lot of skin (though we all know I do love lots of that). But the fact that she can formulate a full collection while having so many elements in mind is something worth paying attention to. There’s sequins and floral amalgamated with timeless pieces, and the overall collection has a distinct androgynous look. All boundaries pushed, men or women could literally wear the collection. Now, how brave men would be to wear it I’m not sure, but there is something in there for everyone – that’s why Hoi Lam Wong’s a winner.

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