Trend Reports: Queen of Texture

In designer, dress, Fabric, Fashion, Fashion Heat, Good Look, Trend, Trend Report on December 8, 2009 at 7:48 pm

Every woman should have a textured dress in her closet – at least at some point. The fabrics of a textured dress are intricately woven into a finished look that’s fragile to the eye, but rich in substance. Rather than going for a modern trend, when you opt for texture, you’re carrying on a fashion tradition that boomed during the sixties; when a designer’s collection emphasized three-dimensional prints and geometric shapes that are classic fashion emblems today. Wearing a textured dress delves deep into your personality, because you’ll choose it based on its characteristics more than anything else. Imagine attending an evening event in a classic red Jacquard knit dress with hounds tooth print by Alexander McQueen, or wearing a dove-coloured slate draped jersey dress by Sophia Kokosalaki to the opera. You’ll stimulate the  senses and draw attention to your aura, highly regarded as a woman of style. Without question, a textured dress really is the ultimate chic.

The best textured dresses are usually made of knit or silk, as the results produced are complex yet artistic. Although it’s true that sequins can add texture, it’s too easy of a feat. Lace is a great fabric for texture, as are dresses made with graphic print details and ones that are heavily ruched and draped.

A textured dress is most effective when short to mid-length; as a long textured dress is more suited towards the long and narrow shaped. To dress tone down the textured dress, wear darker solid coloured leggings with a lightweight jacket.

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