Trend Reports: Extreme Body Consciousness

In designer, dress, Fashion, Fashion Heat, Good Look, Trend, Trend Report on December 8, 2009 at 8:53 pm

The Body-con dress is the best thing invented since God invented us – “us” meaning women. I once wrote a personal blog post regarding “skinny bitches in Hervé Léger,” but admittedly, I’m closer to slim than I am to blimp. But my ode to the body-con dress is because of my love for short and skin-tight. I adore having my body being hugged by velvety supple fabric; I want a dress that will literally mould to my shape accentuating my curves, flaunting what I have while I have it. But beware, there’s a thin line between sultry and skank.

Maxmara for Hervé Léger was a genius idea.  In early `08, once Cheryl Cole flaunted a tri-colour haltered Hervé Léger the best way she knew how, the body-con dress became a fashion frenzy, and a train of celebrities followed suit. One-by-one those girls pumped out Hervé in different colours and cuts, but the medal goes to the women with the hour-glass figures. They were the true definition of a Hervé Léger muse, and that’s the way it should be. To our benefit, other designers including Alexander Wang, Preen and Emilio De La Morena all have their own striking interpretations of body-con. I could easily fill a page of the best body-con dresses on the market.

The body-con dress must be tight and short, with holes and slits in all the right places (think shoulders and waistlines). Make sure you carry the dress with a punk mentality. It’s not for the faint-hearted and ultra girly, the body-con dress is for women who like edge. Those who aren’t afraid to command the room they walk into. The body-con dress screams sexy and dangerous, but not loose. To optimize the look, opt for stiletto ankle booties with a vintage leather biker jacket.

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