In the Know: Pegg

In Collection, designer, dress, Fashion, In the Know, News on December 7, 2009 at 4:38 pm

At the tender age of 22, awarding-winning Fashion designer Peggie Lim seems destined to be the next “big thing” out of Malaysian territory since fashion mogul Jimmy Choo! But while her line, Pegg, noted as “awe-inspiring” and “iconic” by local press there is all the rave, that could just be because of patriotism rather than actual talent. Not surprising. And this is not to say that Malaysia isn’t blessed with its own fledging fashion scene. Blogs, magazines (Style Malaysia Magazine), TV shows (Project Runway), and it’s own international fashion week bares significance amongst industry insiders on all levels. So when a designer such as Peggie Lim comes around, it’s surprising that she wouldn’t be subject to a bit more criticism.

However, after a closer look at the collection, while a lot of it is heavily dated, she does have a few (very few) pieces that display her potential.  One of them being a white asymmetrical shift dress with smudges of paint along the shoulder.

The colouring juxtaposed with the ruffled sleeve shows her interest in texture. And if she had followed through; possibly by adding knots from the shoulder blending into the silhouette as well as tapering the hemline, consequently, the dress would have been more effective.

Overall, Pegg has the look of a mid-level high street brand than a full-out fashion collection. But considering this is Peggie’s first ever release, as always, with a bit more creativity and individuality, she may be on to something bigger.

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