Trend Reports: Betsey Johnson, Basso & Brooke and more!

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Betsey Johnson Spring/Summer 2010

ASHISH Acid Green,Sequined one-shoulder body con dress in colourful animal print.

Animal skin is having a moment – for the gazillionth time – but the emphasis is more on traditional brown leopard or black-and-white zebra prints. Colourful animal prints were an obvious theme for more edgy designers in their collections, but I didn’t really find it embraced by the masses. I can’t really guess why, except maybe it was too eccentric – too `80s retro.  And you know, that’s okay, but colourful animal print, when you really look at it, is a timeless fashion insignia. You can throw on a black blazer to give it a more contemporary feel, or if you’re rock/punk influenced (like me) you can accentuate it with a leather biker jacket for that extra glam. There’s so much you can do with it, you just have to let your imagination run wild.

Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2010

Paul & Joe Sister‘s Tiffany Aqua Alba silk-chiffon dress with empire-line

Every woman is going to be wearing Tiffany aqua for spring/summer 2010. Especially if it’s a frilly, floaty chiffon dress with drapings and ruches. Tiffany aqua has traditionally been used for bridesmaid dresses – particularly outdoor weddings, as the accents in the sky and trees compliment it’s placid flavour. Anyone can pull it off, but the colour is genuinely flattering on darker skin with golden undertones, and it’s wise to keep accessories and add ons to a minimum.

Basso & Brooke Spring/Summer 2010

JONATHAN SAUNDERS Benwell, multicoloured graphic printed dress.

Contrary to Mr. Tim Blanks review on, Basso & Brooke’s s/s 2010 collection was most definitely a highlight of all shows. Maybe I’m biased; I’ve been a fan of the line since their muse, Namalee Bolle, introduced me to it two years ago. Not only that, it’s obvious (to me at least) that they’ve thrust the very British new rave movement into the mainstream through fashion. And its been adapted by designers who have either toned the concept down (Jonathan Saunders), or intensified it (Mary Katrantzou).  It may be a bit too much for some, but if you’ve followed new rave (or NU-rave as it’s also known) at some point, then you get what B&B were trying to convey through their graphic digital print. But maybe that’s why Mr. Blanks didn’t get it, he’s not in touch with this bombilate, colourful era.

Calvin Klein Spring/Summer 2010

HALSTON Citron yellow Silk-blend batwing dress

Yellow doesn’t have to just be worn in spring or summer. According to the site, wearing yellow “adds clarity to decision-making, sharper concentration skills and protection from lethargy and depression during dull weather.” Maybe it’s a good idea to wear it during harsh winter months and gloomy days to keep your spirits up. Yellow is clean and crisp. Safer than white or cream, yet more serious than pink, the colour yellow represents wisdom; particularly when worn in dusty or citrus hues with a minimal concept structure (pictured).

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