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In The Know: Chanel in China, Taiwan and More!

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Shanghai, China’s largest city, is destined to become the new fashion hot spot thanks to Parisian atelier Chanel.

It all started when the city’s first Peninsula Hotel opened a Chanel Flagship boutique this past Wednesday. At a lavish 5,160 square-feet, the space is influenced by the interiors of Madame Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel‘s apartment, the founder of the iconic brand, and also contains a hidden VIP salon.

Make sure you visit the website made specifically for the boutique that contains a short film, an interview with the boutique’s architect Peter Marino,  13 pre-fall 2010 collection episodes (six of which are currently live), and runway show of Paris-Shanghai Métiers d’Art that will be unveiled December 3rd.

Now, for those of you that don’t know, Paris-Shanghai Métiers d’Art is a limited edition collection designed by Mr. Karl Lagerfeld. Métiers d’Art was launched in 2002, and every year, the collection is shown in cities that have a link with Ms. Chanel.

This edition marks the eighth collection to follow previous collaborations with cities including Paris, Tokyo, New York, Monaco, London and Moscow. Ms. Chanel never visited China but maintained a strong interest in Asian art and antiques during her lifetime.

Most of the collection will be red, which represents luck and fortune in Chinese culture.

And last but certainly not least, Kaohsiung, a city located in Southeastern Taiwan was also touched by the grace of Chanel with a new boutique that opened November 24th. According to, the six-meter storefront is decorated in in black and white, and boasts “grand panels made from gold woven fabrics layered under transparent glass create a mirror-like reflection in the jewelry section display.” I wasn’t able to find images, but it one can only imagine. Especially considering I’ve only ever seen beauty when I look at anything to do with the brand whether it be the collection, event or otherwise.

See preview images of Paris-Shanghai Métiers d’Art , and images of the Peninsula Hotel Chanel boutique after the jump.

All images courtesy of Missomnimedia, and Hotel Chatter.

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