One to Watch: Rad Hourani

In designer, Fashion, One to Watch on November 19, 2009 at 4:55 pm

Fashion authorities love cultivating the success of burgeoning designers. And we do it because quite frankly, it’s our job. Isabella Blow did it with Alexander McQueen, Diana Vreeland did so for Gabrielle Chanel and the list goings on. For me personally, I have three designers I would wear everyday if I could: Balenciaga, Gareth Pugh and Meadham Kirchhoff. So when I saw NYC-based designer Rad Hourani‘s collection, I was instantly smitten.

His line is for those that love minimalism. The sharp architectural edges, monochromatic palette of blacks, silver and greys and bondage elements are bold, yet very clean – it serves its purpose. I love the fringe embellishments, and while I wouldn’t wear a whole look, I can still make a statement with separates which is what I like (actually, what I prefer). I’m not a maven. I don’t like to wear a designer because it’s a designer, and I stress that for me, it’s more about the art of fashion. That’s why I love the aforementioned designers. I’m also highly influenced by the punk era of the early `70s, and I love the industrial goth look; which is why I like designers who create collections with a dark, edgy reference.

Ultimately, of course the line plays with the ideas of pretentiousness but it’s fun. And the fact that he’s self-taught means he has a natural flare for constructing garments for the human silhouette.

Rad Hourani is a hot one.

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