One To Watch: Emma Bell

In designer, Fashion, London, One to Watch on November 18, 2009 at 4:11 pm

It’s common ‘practice’ for people to gain notoriety on one end of the planet yet be virtually unknown on the other. If you read her bio on her website, British fashion designer Emma Bell seems highly notable, and quite frankly, has the resume to back it up. But maybe it’s just that her fashion isn’t quite digestible here; certain not in a small-town hick city (compared to the rest of the fashion capitals) like Toronto.

Ms. Bell’s line is best described as the good little girls and boys with an insidious streak. Clothing meant to charm you with pretty graphics and colour palettes; seductive on the exterior but filled with vigour and squander. While the line is pretty, it is more along the lines of a ‘niche’ brand (I haven’t seen it get a review on the glossy posts’ yet, and I doubt I ever will. But what’s wonderful about this collection is that it’s anti-pop glamour, and relishes in being glamourous for the everyday woman who’s daring enough to wear it.

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