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In the Know: Chanel launching a magazine

In In the Know on November 16, 2009 at 11:26 pm

Interestingly enough, as much as we love Parisian fashion house Chanel, it probably would have been more interesting to hear that the brilliant Karl Lagerfeld was starting his own magazine (which would be full of page-after-page of sheer brilliance pertaining to all that his mind encompasses). However, seeing that his is a man of his only passion – fashion, then we’ll settle for second best.

Purple franchiser  Olivier Zahm confirmed impending launch of 31 Rue Cambon on the purple blog.  In as little words as possible he states:

” This is the first issue of 31 Rue Cambon, the first Chanel magazine which I have art directed and designed for Karl Lagerfeld, to be distributed worldwide in all the Chanel stores.”

Considering that’s what I can afford, I look forward to adding a copy to my mile-high magazine collection.

Good Look: Fashion blogger call out on FT

In Fashion, Good Look, Icon on November 16, 2009 at 11:01 pm

Wow, who would’ve thought?

There was a time when it was blasphemy for fashion blogs and print magazines to be in the same room together. Now, the Fashion Blogger has become the dominant voice in the industry, with invites and mentions in the world’s most prestigious press outlets. The most recent blogger to make the headlines is the Philippines-based Bryanboy, in a Financial Times article respectively titled: “Style bloggers take centre stage” by Deputy Fashion Editor Nicola Copping.  In the headlining image  is Bryanboy sitting next to the world’s most renowned fashion voices (those include Anna Wintour and IHT’s Suzy Menkes).

Bryan Boy’s personality is quite reflective on his blog; he’s a very sweat guy. I wish him so much success as he has become one of the most influential style voices out there.

In the Know: Henry Holland Launching New Fragrance

In designer, Fashion, In the Know on November 16, 2009 at 10:10 pm

According to British Vogue, fashion designer Henry Holland is excited to launch his own fragrance as part of the Six Scents project. He claims his line is inspired by happy memories of ‘pine notes, mimosa, violet, sunscreen, and coconut.’ No date has been set on the exact launch yet, but I can imagine his devoted group of niche followers will be dying to be bathed in the scent created by burgeoning fashion name.

I’m not sure what I think of all those different scents incorporated into one bottle, I’m more of a floral (particularly roses) kinda gal.