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Good Look: Jean-Michel Basquiat sneakers

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It would be ideal if I could afford a Jean-Michel Basquiat painting, but considering that will never happen in this lifetime, the second best option is this:

I was once a sneaker diva, particularly when I lived in the UK. I was going through the transition of living in a new country and being out of my element.  It was a pivotal time of trying to distinguish my identity as a lover of streetwear culture. (It was also just a state of confusion, period.) I collected sneakers just as much as I collected underwear. And it felt great to be ahead of the street fashion pack in cities such as Paris, London and Barcelona. But when I came back to Toronto this year,  the person who I always was slowly started to immerse herself into the usual. Either that, or I realized that the street wear phenomenon was an ephemeral fad.

Even though I don’t hold street wear in the high regard I once did, to me, when I see great contemporary artists immortalized in a sneaker collaboration of some sort, it makes me feel a sense of accomplishment. Not that I did anything to catapult this trend, but it was something I felt passionately about. I wanted to see a young generation of urban streetwear lovers embracing contemporary art. And I finally see it happening with a fashion emblem that personifies hip-hop culture: sneakers.

Reebok is the biggest supporter of this, and I’m not sure how the rest of the art world, or even Basquiat’s estate feel about it. But I hope that it continues…

Fashion Heat: Killer Glitter Couture Shoes

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Sequins clothing is the look of the season, but glittery, painstakingly high shoes are the look of the century.

You could wear the most grubby outfit, but adorn it with a pair of Nina Ricci‘s divine, hot-pink heelless platform shoes, and everyone wants to know your name. Or better yet, take a trip to the corner store in Brian Atwood‘s Maniac Extra disco heels and you’ll find yourself the on front post of TMZ in less than 24-hours.

Glittery shoes are what dreams are made of. They’re the ultimate foot pornography; Guiseppe Zanotti knows this, as do the brilliant couturiers Dolce & Gabbana and footwear master Christian Louboutin.

Don’t be late on this trend, make room on your shelf for this investment piece.

Oddly Unique: United Nude

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I never would have considered wearing shoes made of elastic, or with heels designed after furniture, but it does exist. The thing is, this shoe brand – United Nude, has been around since 2003 (or was it 2002?), but of course I’ve never heard of it. I only learned about it when I just so happened to flounce upon an online publication called Trend Hunter. That’s when it all made perfect sense.

Brands like United Nude are for the fashionably eerie, as it incorporates architecture (the co-Founder, Rem D Koolhaas is an architect) into its design concept. Koolhaas’ partner Galahad Clark has a more classic shoe connoisseur background , and together they make some exquisite looking foot candy.

United Nude is sold in over 30 countries globally, most of which take up Europe. The duo’s latest design – Lo Res, a semi-automatic design method, entails an object being scanned into a 3-D computer model and regenerated into various solutions. Sounds like a handful, but results in a cute little shoe that looks quite fragile but in actuality, it’s quite durable and comes in five traditional (brown, black, grey, white and light blue) colourways. However, my personal favorite is the Sharpei Mid boot, named after a dog. My favorite version is the on covered in small blue arrows.

Available at United Nude.

Fashion Heat: The world has gone GAGA

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You name it, Lady Gaga has almost done them all. All that’s missing is Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, Time, and National Geographic.