One to Watch: Mary Katrantzou

In designer, dress, Fashion, One to Watch, RTW on November 9, 2009 at 11:50 pm

Greek-born, London-based fashion designer Mary Katrantzou is not the first to capitalize on the new wave/futuristism concept, but she is one of the few that’s helping to trailblaze it from graphic-print tee design to full-fledged fashion elegance.

Debuting in London Fashion Week for the fall 2009 segment,  her design concept consisted of perfume bottle images that adopted the outline of a woman’s body. As you can imagine, the collection created quite a buzz amongst fashion insiders. But spring/summer 2010 was an intensified version of the trompe l’oeil patterns with flagrant references of Egypt – maybe not intentionally on her part –  you can certainly see the Nemes crown design worn by Pharaohs and the red sea. Other fabulous emphasis in Katrantzou’s design was placed on  abstract digitalism, a UK designers tendency to incorporate futurism, new wave and explosions of colour.

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