Why don’t you wear bold blocks of colour…

In Fashion, Trend, why don't you on November 8, 2009 at 2:12 am

instead of trying to match frivolous details in your wardrobe all the time? It’s time to  leave colour coordination in elementary school and use your eyes to finally seel colour(s). Reds compliment greens, blues compliment yellows, purples compliment oranges. All of these palettes come in an array of different hues: magenta, garnet, black Amethyst, thistle blue and emerald – that’s just to name a very few. Sometimes, I wish I had the wonderful disorder, you know – Synesthesia. It’s much more interesting when your senses can ignite colourways. I have reverent feelings for Matthew AmesWayne and Emanuel Ungaro for their blend of minimalism and use of solid colours. The colours don’t seep through, they create their own statement. One that says throw it on and go.

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