Hidden Gem: Abigail Williams

In designer, Fashion, Hidden Gem on November 8, 2009 at 2:53 am

One can’t imagine what’s it’s like to rummage through page-after-page of Internet sites in a quest for a fashion breakthrough. Seeing the same thing over and over can become quite mundane, you know. I don’t know if this one is a “breakthrough” per say, but she was able to leap into territories many fashion designers aren’t quite keen to do.

The young Ms. Abigail Williams is a BA (Hons) Fashion/Textiles graduate from the University of Plymouth who debuted her collection in the Graduate Fashion Week in London this past June. I was able to pull these images by Chris Moore.

Williams didn’t win any awards or gain any major recognition, as those that do sit on a trunk of gold (which inevitably lead to top-of-the-line collections). And while the construction of Williams’ garments are a bit box-y, and the dresses do have a bit of ways to go from  high-school prom dress into full-blown couture, I can appreciate her bold use of colour and obvious Caribbean influences that  run rampant throughout her collection. Now, there’s an advantage for Williams here, as big-name fashion houses such as PPQ and even sports brands like adidas are putting major emphasis on tribal designs as the new trend. There is an obvious conservatism about in line, but there’s also a sense of fun. It’s British heritage is also prevalent making it easy to see that it may accumulate some success in the UK. I also think that she should invest a good amount of time completing an internship at a fashion house; honing the skills will improve her talent significantly.

  1. Hi,

    I was just browsing the internet trying to find an particular article on my collection and i came across this.

    Thank-you for your lovely comments about my collection, it was a pleasure to design and create. I was very much inspired by my heritage and my trip to Chicago. Im not currently doing any designing, but planing to do a bit of work from home in the next coming yeah, working alongside with my full time job as a retail floor manager.

    Yours kindly


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