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I Heart Jean-Charles de Castelbajac

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Also known as JC/DC, the Parisian fashion designer known for his whimsical, vivacious fashions also spear-headed what we now as streetwear. Not that you’d particularly wear Jean’s line as you would say, Kid Robot or Rockers NYC but the influence of monsieur JC/DC is omnipresent throughout a younger generation of designers indeed. Even more contemporary streetwear high-enders like Jeremy Scott and Cassette Playa inadvertently display his inspiration on their own collections.

There’s not many that have the audacity to be as ‘out there’ as he can. And what a new generation of fashion followers love most could possibly be the lego inspired pieces from his JC In the Sky With Diamonds in his Spring/Summer 2009 collection. We have yet to see anything else like it.

Hidden Gem: Abigail Williams

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One can’t imagine what’s it’s like to rummage through page-after-page of Internet sites in a quest for a fashion breakthrough. Seeing the same thing over and over can become quite mundane, you know. I don’t know if this one is a “breakthrough” per say, but she was able to leap into territories many fashion designers aren’t quite keen to do.

The young Ms. Abigail Williams is a BA (Hons) Fashion/Textiles graduate from the University of Plymouth who debuted her collection in the Graduate Fashion Week in London this past June. I was able to pull these images by Chris Moore.

Williams didn’t win any awards or gain any major recognition, as those that do sit on a trunk of gold (which inevitably lead to top-of-the-line collections). And while the construction of Williams’ garments are a bit box-y, and the dresses do have a bit of ways to go from  high-school prom dress into full-blown couture, I can appreciate her bold use of colour and obvious Caribbean influences that  run rampant throughout her collection. Now, there’s an advantage for Williams here, as big-name fashion houses such as PPQ and even sports brands like adidas are putting major emphasis on tribal designs as the new trend. There is an obvious conservatism about in line, but there’s also a sense of fun. It’s British heritage is also prevalent making it easy to see that it may accumulate some success in the UK. I also think that she should invest a good amount of time completing an internship at a fashion house; honing the skills will improve her talent significantly.

Why don’t you wear bold blocks of colour…

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instead of trying to match frivolous details in your wardrobe all the time? It’s time to  leave colour coordination in elementary school and use your eyes to finally seel colour(s). Reds compliment greens, blues compliment yellows, purples compliment oranges. All of these palettes come in an array of different hues: magenta, garnet, black Amethyst, thistle blue and emerald – that’s just to name a very few. Sometimes, I wish I had the wonderful disorder, you know – Synesthesia. It’s much more interesting when your senses can ignite colourways. I have reverent feelings for Matthew AmesWayne and Emanuel Ungaro for their blend of minimalism and use of solid colours. The colours don’t seep through, they create their own statement. One that says throw it on and go.

Why don’t you wear your art…

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on your dress? Never mind buying paintings strictly for your wall.  ‘Dress’ up your dress with influences of cubism, or the ambiguity of abstract art or the fashion-forwardness of art deco. Leave the LBD (little black dress) in the closet, and forget about the little bright red, yellow or pink number. It’s time to add some intelligible appeal to your look. When you walk into a room, relish in the coos of oohs and awes your look will inspire. Designers like Vivienne Westwood, Ohne Titel and Alexander McQueen were the leaders in dress art for spring/summer 2010. Other than the art itself, there was nothing complicated about the collections, nor were they uber-androgynous or aggressive. They were clean-cut with an embellishment good enough to good at – but then again, that was the point.

Why don’t you wear dots…

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and lots of it. Don’t be afraid of them – that’s what they’re there for. The three-dimensional protrusion constructed into dress is playful and daring. The `80s is dying out, but the early `90s is coming back to the forefront. It was a time when we were bold, we were not afraid to wear blue leggings with green shoes, and lots of dots. In the hair, on the lips and most definitely on the clothes. If you are heavier set, rather than a whole ensemble opt for a loosely draped cut blouse. Or offset your look with some polk-a-dot shoes or a bag.  But don’t be afraid of it. Polka dots are not fashion faux pas, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. It’s embellishment that can’t go wrong because it’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it. And even it’s it is… so what? Making a statement doesn’t have to be something other people agree with.Danielle Scutt, Comme des Garçons and Azzaro revel in adding a touch of ‘daring’  that makes them so appealing.

So go ahead… why don’t you?