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Winter Shops – Canada Goose

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Canada Goose has been in the extreme cold outerwear business for over 50 years, and according their website: “Our collection of down-insulated, technical and travel inspired outerwear will protect you in conditions that range from the mind-numbing cold of Antarctica to the gale force winds on the North Sea.”

The coats are generally made from poly-nylon fabrics to nylon plain with coyote trimmed, removable hoods. They also tend to include fleece-lined handwarmer pockets which are a God-sent for people like me; I always loose my gloves.

 It’s shameful that I live in Toronto and have never owned a Canada Goose, as even many Canadian celebrities including Rapper/Singer K-OS is known to sport the brand in his music videos.

I believe their competition – with the exception of the aforementioned posts –  is second to none. And I remember seeing CG all over the streets of Paris when I was there, leading me to believe that I had to get my hands on this historic brand for myself.

Mystic Parka – $625(CAD)

Icicle Vest – $308.95(CAD)

Antarctic Expedition Parka – $479.99(CAD)
expedition parka cg55

Winter Shops – The North Face

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Over the years, outerwear specialists The North Face has gone from a standardized ski-bunny brand to producing a more fashion-forward selection.

The coats are  made from breathable waterproof/windproof fabric and insulated and vary in down-fill (the more puff, the more down). The other benefit is that rather than looking like a mountain climber, the coats are slim-fitted and sleek. If you’re keen on colour and a fun-filled look, go with the ski-collection, but if you’re looking for a refined appeal, opt for the long down-filled parka in black.

Triple C Jacket – $299 (USD)


Fates Down Jacket – $429(USD)

Hayden Jacket – $279 (USD)

Winter Shops – Parajumpers

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If you’re from the colder parts of the planet (Sweden, Antarctica and of course, Canada), you need more than just a cute jacket. Your closet can easily stack at least ten jackets for all occasions and season changes, but it’s imperative to have that one winter coat nestled away for when the dreary storms go from bad to excruciating.

For those of us stuck in minus-thirty temperatures, we’ve become so used to just being warm, we don’t pay attention to looking good. But thankfully, with the help of the Italian-brand Parajumpers we’ve found salvation.

It’s quite a coincidence that designers from one of the warmer parts of the world is producing jackets for the heaftiest snow storms, but we all know that the Italians know how to do fashion, and they’ve added some historical elements (being inspired by the 210th rescue squadron in the Anchorage, Alaska) to give you your money’s worth – a true investment piece.

See website for price details.

The Kodiak Parka

Kodiak Parka

LONG BEAR – Long down parka
Long Bear Long Down Parka

Denali Leather – Ground field parka
Denali Leather

RTW – Basso & Brooke s/s 2010

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UK design duo Basso & Brooke are as British as they come. They’re  known to draw surrealism influences that are incorporated into their concept, and the line seems to be way too cool to be ‘ready-to-wear’.

However, this season seems to be toned down significantly. While there’s still strong colour ways and imaginative conceptualization, the appeal is a lot less theatrical. There’s a clear indication of maturity, moving on from creating a circus around the clothing and just letting the pieces be wearable (which is a big thing for burgeoning fashion designers; they seem to want to cause controversy rather than sellable clothes). 

It looks like Basso & Brooke may finally be on their way to international success.

RTW – Toni Maticevski s/s 2010

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Toni Maticevski is known for his more formal approach to fashion, but this ss 2010 collection was not really something to rant about. Pieces within the collection were blotched as though to give this dirty effect (I suppose), and though there were some interesting ruffles and bows, Maticevski shines most when he keeps things elegant and flowy.

The most interesting ensemble was the Michelle Obama-inspired, floor-length  gown. A creamy lustre was added by the silk draping that embellished the dress, and its sinched waist added a 1920s appeal.

RTW – Mathew Williamson s/s 2010

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It goes without saying – Matthew Williamson is a spectacular couturier. The London-based fashion designer has the magical ability to produce women’s clothing from a conservative yet whimsical perspective. Playing with the ideas of futurism, `80s post-punk and an aboriginal infusion, his clothes are always refreshing and appealing. He knows how to capture a younger generation of fashionistas, and he’s true to British fashion culture: very new wave, very fashion forward.

While it’s quite obvious that there are layers of historical references in his designs, it doesn’t matter. The clothes are pretty, wearable and digestible – that’s all that matters.