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Engage – Fashion Makers Fashion Shapers

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The title practically says it all.

Another fashion must-have by Anne-Celine Jaeger.

Engage – Sumo by Helmut Newton

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One of the most prolific photographers of the 20th century have been immortalized – well, considering that he’s a photographer he’s practically immortalized himself.

I can only imagine the conversation surrounded by a 480-page coffee table book. Especially one as sexified as this one.

Sumo is available at Taschen.

Engage – Moonmilk by Ryan McGinley

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Call me a bandwagoner, but i t wasn’t until I read an article in British Vogue on photographer Ryan McGinley  that I became aware of who he was. Mr. McGinley is known for photography consisting of naked baring models running wild with nature. This antic has garnered him much success throughout his career, and his latest work Moonmilk, exhibits young, beautiful models once again naked and undisclosed , but this time they’re inhabiting big, scary caves.

His use of colour is and the fact that the models look like glowing UFOs is quite captivating. And by-no-means is this a raunchy manifestation of sex; nudity has been looked so good.

If you have time you can also catch snippets of Moonmilk on an online gallery called Tiny Vices.

Moonmilk is Available at Amazon.